Collectible Uniforms and Jerseys

With the increasing popularity of team jerseys over the past ten years, the numbers of fake or replica jerseys have also been on the increase. Unfortunately, replica jerseys are a booming business. It is approximated that more than hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year to counterfeiters. Producers’ royalties goes unpaid for, legit sales are lost and fans get low quality merchandise. Everybody loses. In this post, we take a look at how to tell the difference between authentic and fake sports jerseys:

Authentic jerseys are the real legitimate ones. This is the reason why they are also referred as to as match jerseys, player cut jerseys or performance jerseys. Their quality is the same as the ones worn by players in a match day. Right from the quality of fabric to the pattern of stitching, everything is of good quality so as to be able to withstand the stern test of playing conditions. Normally, they have extra reinforcement on their elbows and the shoulders to prevent tearing of these sports wears from these points. Some of the key features of genuine sports kits are the team’s logo, the player’s name as well as the jersey’s number. All these are embroidered in a legit kit. Even though legitimate jerseys are a little bit expensive, they are the ones that provide that real feeling.

Replica or counterfeit jerseys on the other hand are also referred to as fan jerseys or stadium jerseys. This is due to the fact that they are normally targeted for the fans. It is a common knowledge that teams pay for their players’ attires. However, as a fan, you have to shell out your hard earned cash for the purpose of acquiring one. Since sometimes your budget may not allow you to reach out for the authentic sportswear, you will find yourself buying the replica or a fake one. These are attires in which you should expect some compromise made in the labor that stitches the cloth and quality of the fabric. The logo and number are not embroidered. They are only screen printed in replicas, and at times, there is an evidence of slight color difference. But as a fan, you opt for buying a fake jersey; you can use the remaining balance to pay for the best seat for the game.

· Legit jerseys are also called match day jerseys, player cut jerseys or performance cut jerseys. Fake or illegitimate jerseys on the other hand are referred to as fan jerseys.

· The logos as well as the numbers are embroidered in original jerseys. In replica jerseys, they are screen printed.

· Original jerseys have extra cushion on the elbows and shoulders to prevent tearing. These extra cushions are however absent in replica jerseys.

· The stitching as well as the fabric in authentic jerseys is far much better than fake kits

· Fake jerseys go for half the price of original player sportswear

· An original sports kit is usually designed to perfectly fit the player’s body. So, they aren’t loose. Fan jerseys, on the other hand target fans. So, they always have a loose cut.

· Some sportswear manufacturers use unique tags to identify replica and genuine jerseys. For example, in Nike jerseys, the tags are found at the bottom right of the front on a panel of the cloth. In original Nike kits, this tag is golden. The same tag is silver in fake kits.

In summary, the following questions will help you spot a fake jersey:

· Why is the T-shirt so cheap?

· Why doesn’t the cloth have the correct hologram and swing tags for the year it was manufactured?

· Why does it have shiny numbers?

It’s a characteristic of fakes to try looking as good as the genuine ones. However, if they were to be manufactured exactly as the legit ones, they would end up fetching the same price as the original ones. This is not what counterfeiters want. They always want to maximize the profit. So, they will definitely go for inferior materials and work force kept in poverty producing substandard product that will soon fall to bits.

With the tale tell signs, tags, price, holograms as well as numbers, you will be able to distinguish the fakes from the genuine ones much more easily.